A.    Preamble:

1.      These rules shall be called as the Scient Institute of Pharmacy, Ibrahimpatnam Service Rules.

2.      They shall be deemed to have come into effect from and shall apply to all the employees of the college as per their date of joining.

B.     Definitions:

1.      College or ‘Institute’ means Scient Institute of Pharmacy, Ibrahimpatnam.

2.      Management means ‘Scient Educational society’ represented by Chairperson.

3.      Governing Body means The Governing Body of the college constituted as per UGC norms.

4.      University’ means J.N.T.U.H’ the affiliating University.

5.      Principal’ means Head of the institution authorized by the Management to discharge the duties and responsibilities as defined by UGC.

6.      Employee means a person who is employed by the college including Principal.

7.      Vacation means any break in an academic year which is a minimum of 10 days or more mostly in the month of May.

8.      Vacation Staff mean employees who are allowed to avail vacation. All other employees are deemed to be Non-Vacation Staff.

9.      Teaching Staff cadres and strengths are in accordance with the JNTUH norms.

10.  Non-Teaching Staff (including contingent staff) pattern, cadres and strengths are in accordance with JNTUH / Telangana State Government norms.

11.  Competent Authority – Chairperson in the case of Principal and Principal in the case of other employees.

12.  Duty - an employee is said to be on duty (OD) in the case of following.

Ø  When the employee is discharging the duties of the post to which he/she is appointed or he/she is undergoing training prescribed for the post.

Ø  When the employee is absent from duty on authorized holidays, on permitted vacation or when availing any leave sanctioned by the competent authority.

Ø  When the employee is attending conferences, seminars, workshops, faculty development programs, quality improvement programs etc., duly permitted by competent authority, and

Ø  When the employee is attending to the work assigned by the competent authority in the interest of College/Management.

13.  Leave means leave granted by competent authority to an employee to which he/she is eligible.

14.  Pay means basic pay in the time scale or basic pay with special pay/allowance as the case may be.

15.  Year means calendar year/ financial year / academic year as the case may be.

C.     Appointments:

1.      Appointment:

Ø  The Management/ Principal is the competent authority to appoint any employee. The appointment orders shall be issued by the Management/ Principal.

2.      Qualifications:

Ø  The qualifications, age, experience etc., shall be as per UGC/PCI norms in the case of teaching staff and Telangana State Government / University norms in the case of Non-Teaching Staff..

3.      Staff strength :

Ø  The Teaching Staff Strength Shall Be As Per UGC Norms/PCI Norms.

Ø  The Non Teaching Staff Strength Shall be As Per Telangana State Government/ University Norms.

4.      Selection:

Ø  The rules prescribed for selection of employees from time to time by University / Telangana State Government shall be followed.

Ø  A post shall be filled up by direct recruitment through open advertisement or by promotion from amongst qualified and eligible internal candidates as directed by the Governing Body.


5.      Seniority:

Ø  The matters related to seniority are finalized by the Governing Body of the college as per the procedure laid out by Telangana State Government/ University.

6.      Pay, Allowance, Increments and Promotions:

1.      Pay:

ü  UGC scales of pay shall be applicable from time to time to the posts classified as teaching staff.  Telangana State Government / University scales of pay shall be applicable from time to the posts classified as non-teaching staff.

2.      Allowances:

ü  DA, HRA and other allowances as per PCI norms for teaching staff and Telangana State Government norms for non -teaching staff are extended by Management from time to time to all regular employees of the college.

3.      Sanction of Increments:

ü  Principal/Governing body is the competent authority to recommend advance increments to the candidates selected based on their qualification / specialization / Research contributions / previous salary drawn and experience at the time of appointment.

ü  Regular Increments: The regular increments shall be sanctioned by the Principal / Management on the satisfactory performance of the employee as recommended by the HOD.

4.      Promotional Policy:

ü  The requirement to get promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor is total experience of at least 5 years with Ph.D.

ü  The requirement to get promoted from Associate Professor to Professor is total experience of at least 10 years with Ph.D. and at least 5 years of experience as Associate Professor.

5.      General Service Conditions:

ü  All the employees of the college shall abide by the general rules of conduct as specified by the college.

ü  All the employees of the college are required to be present in the college throughout the working hours of the college on all working days.

ü  An employee of the college shall devote his/her whole time to the service of the college and not to engage directly or indirectly in any trade or business or private tuition or any other work which is likely to interfere with the proper discharge of his/her duties. This provision shall not apply to academic work relating to university examinations, question paper setting, delivering Guest Lectures and any other work undertaken with the prior permission of the Principal.

ü  The services of an employee are liable to be terminated on grounds of fraud, gross indiscipline, negligence of duties, prolonged illness, disability to discharge his/her official duties satisfactorily etc., giving 3 months notice or 3 months’ salary in lieu thereof for regular employee. The employee concerned however shall be given full and fair opportunity to represent his / her case before effecting such termination.

ü  No application of an employee seeking employment elsewhere shall be forwarded during the first year of service. On completion of first year of service not more than two applications per academic year shall be forwarded for outside jobs.

ü  An employee shall have to give three months notice in case he / she desire to be relieved on resignation. The resignation shall come into force from the date of acceptance of the resignation by the Management / Principal or the date of relieve, whichever is earlier.

ü  For all employees in the college, an individual personal file and Service Register shall be maintained with regular updates as per Telangana State Government / affiliating university norms.

6.      Leave Rules:

Ø  General Guidelines:

Ø  Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The sanctioning authority has full discretion to refuse or revoke leave of any kind whenever the exigencies of service so demand.

Ø  A leave account shall be maintained for each employee in an appropriate form. An employee shall not take up any service or accept any employment, while on leave.

Ø  Casual leaves are sanctioned to the employees by the Principal based on the recommendations of concerned Heads of the Department/Sections.

Ø  Any kind of leave may be granted in combination with or in continuation with any other kind of leave, except C.L. with prior approval.

Ø  Casual Leaves:

ü  All employees of the college shall be entitled to 15 days of casual leave.

ü  Casual Leave in one stretch shall not exceed seven days for a total period of ten days, including public holidays.

ü  Half-day Causal Leave shall be granted to an employee, either in the forenoon or afternoon session.

ü  In normal circumstances, casual leave requires advance sanction and the employee has to make alternate arrangements for his / her work prior to proceeding on leave.

Ø  Compensatory Casual Leave (CCL):

ü  All the employees are entitled for Compensatory Casual Leave in lieu of working on Sundays/Holidays. The CCL can apply after completion of the Casual Leaves.

Ø  Special Leaves:

ü  The teaching staff is entitled to avail special leave up to a maximum period of 1 week in a calendar year to take up examination work in the college or outside; to attend conferences or seminars etc.

ü  Special Casual Leave up to a maximum period of 1 week may also be granted to an employee for marriage of himself/herself or, their children as well as in cases of personal calamities or, bereavement.

Ø  Medical Leaves:

ü  All staff shall be granted medical leave, not exceeding 1 week in case of any serious illness, hospitalization or, medical complications, if any.

Ø  Maternity Leave:

ü  All Women employees are entitled to avail maternity leave of 90 days each for the first two pregnancies.

Ø  Faculty Improvement Program / Study Leave:

ü  The faculty members may be permitted to improve their academic qualifications by attending courses / research work in higher institutions of learning.

ü  The maximum number of faculty deputed is restricted to one member per department per year.

ü  In such cases the faculty member is entitled to receive half of his salary during his period of study.

Ø  Grant Of Extraordinary Leave:

ü  Extraordinary leave may grant to all regular employs by principal/ management to work elsewhere for a period of one year.

ü  When an employee has put in 5 years or more continuous service in the institution.

ü  During such leave, he/she shall not be entitled for any pay or allowances.

Ø  The other conditions are as follows:

ü  The faculty deputed must have served in this college for a minimum period of three consecutive years. The period of study leave should be three years for Ph.D.

ü  The teacher concerned should execute a bond on the required non judicial stamp to the effect that he / she shall serve the institution for double the period of study leave taken for the above program.

ü  The penalty in case of violation of bond will be double the amount received from the institute during the study period. Any extension of such leave shall be on loss of pay only.

ü  Management is the sanctioning authority for such leave on the recommendations of the Principal and Head of the Department concerned.

Ø  Travelling Allowance, Daily Allowance, Local Transport etc:

ü  The employees of the college when deputed to out stations shall be entitled to Travelling Allowance, Daily Allowance and other permissible expenses they incur as per the rules of AP State government in force from time to time.

ü  Allowance for Presenting Papers in Seminar/Conferences etc. The regular teaching staff sponsored to present papers in seminars / conferences are eligible to claim travel allowance, in addition to reimbursement of registration fee. No D.A. is admissible.

ü  Allowances for attending seminars, AICTE / UGC refresher courses etc. The regular teaching staff permitted to attend seminars as delegates, and to undergo refresher courses etc. as above are eligible to claim travel allowance. No D.A. is admissible. This provision does not apply to cases where the organizing agency/other agencies reimburse the T.A or, other expenses.