(Formerly known as Greater Hyderabad Institute of Pharmacy)

Approved by AICTE and PCI, New Delhi and Affiliated by JNTUH
Ibrahimpatnam, RR Dist – 501 506, Hyderabad, Telangana, India



                                                                                                       On 9TH April 2018
In Association with


Chief Guest for Inaugural Function:


(EC member, PCI, New Delhi & Registrar, Vinayaka Missions University, Salem)

Chief Guest for Valedictory Function:


(President, IPA, Mumbai) 
(Principal, Vikas Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rajahmundry)

About Scient Institute of Pharmacy

Scient Institute of Pharmacy is one of the premier institutions in the country, developed into the gateway of knowledge and inspiration. The institution offers B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy in three disciplines. Around 300 plus students from all over India and more than 30 plus strong team of faculty members are imparting academic instructions through research and development. The infrastructure includes separated building for every department and well equipped central instrumentation and machine laboratories for all departments to facilitate in research and development activities. The academic blocks are interspaced with vast green patches of lawns giving soothing and peaceful atmosphere.

About IPA

The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) is the premier association of pharmaceutical professionals in India representing industry, regulatory, community and hospital pharmacy practices and education, with a member base of over 13,000 spread across the length and breadth of the nation with 20 state branches and more than 46 local branches. As a member of the Drug Technical Advisory Board, India, IPA is actively involved in advising the government on matters of professional importance. IPA’s major objective is to position pharmacists as one of the important healthcare providers in our country.

Call for Research Papers from

  • ·         Pharmaceutics/ Pharmaceutical Technology/ Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
  • ·         Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products
  • ·         Pharmacology/ Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy/ Pharmacovigilance/ Community Pharmacy/ Pharmacy Practice
  • ·         Pharmaceutical Management/ Drug Regulatory  Affairs and IPR
  • ·         Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance


Publication of Research Papers:

The accepted paper will be published in the UGC approved Journals based on their request by paying only Rs 500/- as a publication charge.

1.       International Journal of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Research (ISSN : 2321-2624)
UGC Approved Journal no: 63699*

2.       International Journal of Pharmacy and Natural Medicines (ISSN : 2321-6743)
UGC Approved Journal no: 63706*

Call for Research Papers

(a)    Oral Presentation    (b) Poster Presentation

Guidelines For Abstract and Manuscript Originality


·         Abstract submission by B.Pharm, M.Pharm, Pharm.D and Ph.D. research scholars
Research/ Review articles in all Pharmacy subjects.

·         Abstract Submission: Abstract of not more than 250 words to be sent by email to

·         Format of Abstract (Times New Roman)

·         Title, Name of authors and presenting authors with Email iD of corresponding author.


Poster Details:

The poster should be of 120 cm height and 90cm width.

Send abstract in the prescribed format along with registration form to email id



Important Dates:

Date of Conference                                              :  9th April 2018.

Pre Conference Tutorials                                    :  6th April 2018.

Submission of Abstract and Full-length Paper:  25th March 2018.

Notification of Acceptance                                 : 31st March 2018.


For more information about the conference log on to:


Submit your papers at


For further details contact:

Dr. M. Purushothaman, Convener (ICDPS-2018)


Mobile:  +91 9440754715,


Dr. Tribhuvan Singh, Organizing Secretary, ICDPS -2018


Mobile:  +91 9951346454


Organizing Committee

          Chief Patron

Sri K. Chandra Shekar Reddy

Secretary, Scient Institute of Pharmacy


Mrs. Allu Sneha Reddy

Joint Secretary, Scient Institute of Pharmacy


Dr. Sreedhar Reddy

Principal, Scient Institute of Technology


Dr. M. Purushothaman,

Principal, Scient Institute of Pharmacy

        Organizing Secretary

Dr. Tribhuvan Singh

Professor, Scient Institute of Pharmacy



Conference Committee

Mr. B. Vamsi Krishna, A.O, SIP

Dr. M. Jeevitha, Professor & HOD, SIP

Dr. Neeraj Kaul, Professor & HOD, SIP


Finance Committee

Mr. J. Chandrudu, Asst. Professor, SIP

Ms. P. Divya, Asst. Professor, SIP             


Press and Publicity Committee

Mr. S. Seshaiah, Asst. Professor, SIP

Ms. J. Sirisha, Asst. Professor, SIP


Registration Committee

Mr. S. Mohammed Yusuf, Assoc. Professor, SIP

Ms. K. Harika Reddy, Asst. Professor, SIP

Ms. D. Kalamma, Asst. Professor, SIP


Inauguration Committee

Ms. H. Soujanya, Asst. Professor, SIP

Ms. K. Swathi, Asst. Professor, SIP


Scientific Services Committee

Ms. K.S. Haseena, Asst. Professor, SIP

Mr. S. Seshaiah Asst. Professor, SIP

Ms. K. Kavitha, Asst. Professor, SIP


Plenary Session Committee

Mrs. C.R. Akila, Asst. Professor, SIP

Ms. G. Priyanka, Asst. Professor, SIP


Hospitality Committee

Mr. A. Linga Naik, Asst. Professor, SIP

Mr. K. Chaitanya Kumar, Asst. Professor, SIP


Student Volunteer Committee

Ms. MD. Nazia, Asst. Professor, SIP

Mr. T. Raja Surender, Asst. Professor, SIP

Mr.D. Ravi, Asst. Professor, SIP


IT Services Committee

Mrs. C.H Pavani, Assoc.Professor,

Ms. Santhi Kumari, Asst. Professor, SIP


Medical Services Committee

Ms. M. Ramya, Asst. Professor, SIP

Mr. K. Rajasekhar Reddy, Asst. Professor, SIP

Ms. S. Jagadeeshwari, Asst. Professor, SIP

Mrs. V. Krishnaveni, Lab Technician, SIP


Food Services Committee

Mr. M. Arun Kumar, Librarian, SIP

Mr. P. Janardhan, Office Executive, SIP

Mr. A. Praveen, Office Assistant, SIP


Transportation Committee

Mr. Rajendar, Transport Incharge, SIP

Mr. D. Dinesh Babu, Asst. Professor, SIP


Advisory board – International

  • Dr. Chandan kishore , Australia
  • Dr. CH. Sreedhar, South Korea
  • Dr. Xie Yong Xeng, China
  • Dr. Vijayan Venu Gopal, Malasiya
  • Dr. Vasant Raj, UK
  • Prof. Mohd BAIDI BAHARI, Malasiya
  • Dr. Irfan Ali, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Saqlane Haider, USA
  • Dr. Kritana Prusksakorn, Thailand
  • Dr. Mohd Rashid, Saudi Arabia

Advisory board – International

1.      1.        Dr. B. Suresh, President, PCI
2.       Dr. T.V. Narayana, President, IPA
3.       Dr. B. Jayakar, EC Member, PCI
4.       Dr. M.D. Karvekar,KCP, Bangalore (EC Member, PCI)
5.       Dr. V. Ravi Chandiran, Director, NIPER, Kolkata
6.       Dr. K. Ilango,  Dean, SRMU, Chennai
7.       Dr. K.B. Chandra Shekar, Director, OTPRI, JNTUA
8.       Dr. G.K. Rao, Goa
9.       Dr .T. K. Ravi, Coimbatore
10.   Dr. A. Rajasekaran, KMCH, Coimbatore
11.   Dr. G. Jeya Balan, Sunrise University, Rajasthan
12.   Dr. A.S. William, Dean, Sunrise University, Rajasthan
13.   Dr. M. Uma Maheshwari, SRMC, Chennai
14.   Dr. P. Muthu Samy, MMC, Chennai
15.   Dr. Kalaiselvan, Annamalai University, Chidambaram,
16.   Dr. D. Ranganayakulu, SPSP, Tirupati
17.   Dr. M. Niranjan Babu, SHCP, Tirupati
18.   Dr. Grace Ratnam, CL Baide MCP, Chennai
19.   Dr. S.  Ponnusankar, JSSU, Ooty
20.   Dr. R. Nagaraju, SPMU, Tirupati
21.   Dr. SL Hari Kumar, RBU, Punjab
22.   Dr. Babu Ananth, EGSPCP, Nagapatnam
23.   Prof. KPR Chowdary, Andhra Pradesh
24.   Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna, AU, Andhra Pradesh
25.   Prof. K.V. Ramana Moorthy, AU, Andhra Pradesh
26.   Dr. M. Ajitha, JNTUH, Hyderabad
27.   Dr. S. Shoba Rani, JNTUH, Hyderabad
28.   Dr. B. Sunitha Reddy, JNTUH, Hyderabad
29.   Dr. G. Krishna Mohan, JNTUH, Hyderabad
30.   Dr. Sandeep Arora, Director, Chitkara University



B. Pharm/ M. Pharm


INR 500


Pharm D/ Ph.D


INR 500




INR 500


Industrial persons


INR 1000


Foreign Delegates


USD 50

Registration fee is payable by online payment only.

A/C Details

Jogu Chandrudu,

A/C No: 348 284 61142

IFSC Code: SBIN 0013149

SBI, Vanasthalipuram



Delegates and participants are requested to make their own arrangements of travel and accommodation. However, necessary information and support will be provided for accommodation in the nearby hotels on request.


Industries/NGOs/Government agencies are invited to sponsor the conference.


Programme Details

9th April 2018,

 Hall No: 1

9-30 - 10-30 AM: Inaugural Function

Scientific Programmes

10.30 – 11.15 AM          

Speaker -1  Prof. Dr.V. Gopal,

                    Registrar (Academic), 

                     Mother Theresa Post Graduate and Research Institute of Health Sciences, Pondicherry


Chair         : Dr. A. Samba Siva Rao, Principal, Sri Indu College of Pharmacy

Co-Chair   : Dr. T. Keshava Rao, Principal Bharat Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences


11.15 – 11.30 Am                                                        

 Tea Break              

11.30 - 12.15 PM

Speaker -2: Dr. A. Ram Kishan,

                     Dy. Drug Controller, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

Chair          : DrMohammed Ibrahim, Principal, PNR College of Pharmacy
Co-Chair    : Mr. CH. Ravi Kanth, Assoc. Professor, Palamuru University

12.15 - 1.00 PM

Speaker -3      Dr. Kalyan Chakravarthy

                         Director, Dr. Reddy Laboratories Ltd.


Chair                : R. Narasimha Rao, Principal, HITS

Co-Chair          : Dr. P. Srikanth Chowdary, Professor, Omega College of Pharmacy


Hall No: 2

10.30 – 11.15 AM          

Speaker-1: Dr. Deepak Kumar Gupta,

                    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Chair        : Dr. Shaik Harun Rasheed, Professor, MRM College of Pharmacy

Co-Chair  : Dr. Prathap, Professor, Sri Datha College of Pharmacy

11.15 – 11.30 Am                                                               

Tea Break              

11.30 to 12.15 PM

Speaker -2: Dr. M. Ajitha

                     Professor, JNTUH, Hyderabad.

Chair           : Dr. B. Raj Kamal, Principal, KVK College of Pharmacy

Co-Chair     : Dr. B. Chandra Shekar Rao, Principal, RGR Sidhanti College of Pharmacy


12.15 to 1.00 PM

Speaker-3:   Dr. PVS RavIndra Verma,

                      CEO, Formula HR Consultants

Chair       : Dr. K. Chandra Shekar Rangaiah, Principal, Vision College of Pharmacy

Co-Chair : Dr. Rakesh Parmar, Professor, Parul University


Hall No: 3

10.30 –11.15 AM  

Oral Presentation of student and Staff Members

Evaluators: Dr. Sunil Kumar, Professor, St Paul Institute of Pharmacy, Hyderabad

                     Dr. Mihir Parmar, Professor, Parul University, Gujarat


11.15 – 11.30 AM                                                             

 Tea Break     

01.00 - 2.00 PM : Lunch Break

Hall No: 4

1.00  to 3.00 PM

Poster presentation

Evaluators: Dr. C. Saravanan, Professor, ABCP, Tamilnadu.

                     Dr. D. Swathi, Professor, HITS, Hyderabad

                     Dr. V. Kalvi Moorthy , Proffesor, ABCP, Tamilnadu.

                     Dr. R. Avinash, Assoc. Professor, GNITC, Hyderabad


3.00 to 4.30 PM                                                      Valedictory Function

Download Brochure ICDPS - 2k18 following link